Where the streets have no names

  North-Eastern lands, Vthcentury:  overall unappealing territories, the crossing arduous, detour perilous, pretty much inadequate even for transitory stopovers, thus ideal for permanent settlements. The birth of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by wildlife sanctuary for permanent and migratory bird colonies, Venice and its lagoon, Italy Unesco World Heritage Centre. […]

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Nested Rings

  The perception of present priorities change with time,  intrinsic and external factors, reshaped conditions. A gathering relevant to climate mutation and natural resources, stimulates interest to research anthropological and scientific literature, related to the topic. The combined foundations of geology with physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology provides ongoing answers to the prime question of how […]

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Come See For Yourself

Thinking of exploration, and varieties of fields it comprises, gives the impression of time tangibly running in parallel, if compared to the time span required to reach noteworthy goals. Something that sparks constant interest, for the  limitless possibilities envisioned. Space exploration stands out as paving ways into uncharted worlds, while on earth it opens horizons […]

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Goodwill Hopes Unabridged Encounters

  To commemorate Samantha Cristoforetti’s appointment as Unicef Italy Goodwill Ambassador, and her consolidated international recognition for being an inspiring example of international cooperation. Cristoforetti has visited refugee camps in the Mediterranean. Known for its tropical-like waters, laid-back life style and friendly hospitality, the area has become a frontier for refugees women, moms and children […]

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Unfolding Equilibrium

Venice · Lagoon · Islands Unesco World Heritage Centre   A visit to the Lagoon of Venice  in winter time. The occasion is a visit to Donatella Ricci for the 1st Anniversary of her World Altitude Record with autogyro. Donatella trains and flies in the air space known as ‘Triveneto‘, which offers many opportunities for […]

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That Smile Towards Space

AstroSamantha   Kazakhstan, Baikonur cosmodrome Nov 23, 2014 (Nov 24 UTC) the first Italian female astronaut, ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti lifts off on her journey to the International Space Station, which she reaches on board spaceship Soyuz TMA-15M with crew members Nasa astronaut Terry Virts and Roscosmos cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov. The extensive international coverage of the […]

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Europe Has Marted

  The European mission to Mars, ExoMars, launched on March 2016 is a success! As expected the main probe GTO (Gas Trace Orbiter) has entered the martian orbit with nominal orbiting parameters. This is the main goal of the mission, and GTO will conduct investigation on the presence and nature of gases of the Martian […]

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