That Smile Towards Space



Kazakhstan, Baikonur cosmodrome Nov 23, 2014 the first Italian female astronaut, ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti lifts off on her journey to the International Space Station, on board spaceship Soyuz TMA-15M with crew members Nasa astronaut Terry Virts and Roscosmos cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov. Few hours after departure the crew in safely on board the ISS in orbit around our planet.

The extensive international coverage of the event, Italian Space and Astronautics Association’s reports and AstronautiCAST  podcast inspire creativity. During the 200-day-mission Futura aboard the ISS and since back, Cristoforetti sparks enthusiasm for space, curiosity and desire to explore. Made with hand-drawn illustrations and watercolor artworks, edited footage of Asi, Esa, Roscosmos, Nasa and Cristoforetti’s wide-ranging outreach activity and stunning imagery from the ISS Cupola module, for Cristoforetti’s first journey to space a fan tribute is brought into life.

Cristoforetti returned from space to our planet on June 2015. At the European Space Agency (ESA) Cristoforetti currently cooperates in projects related to space exploration; among them is ‘Spaceship EAC Program‘, a project that evaluates and simulates the conditions for robotic and human flights in cislunar space, in preparation for future Moon exploration and settlements.


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