Europe Has Marted


The European mission to Mars, ExoMars, launched on March 2016 is a success! As expected the main probe GTO (Gas Trace Orbiter) has entered the martian orbit with nominal orbiting parameters. This is the main goal of the mission, and GTO will conduct investigation on the presence and nature of gases of the Martian atmosphere, such as methane and others which could be an evidence of geological or biological activity.

A secondary aspect of the mission involves demostration marting capabilities of module Schiaparelli, prior the official launch estimated by 2020. During the very final stage of module’s descend loss of signal indicated a critical phase which underwent investigation. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s imagery indicate the presence of spots on the martian surface which are interpreted to be Schiaparelli and its parachute.


Image credit Nasa - Esa
Image credit Nasa – Esa


The Schiaparelli module was expected to work about three Sols, it’s main task being to record imagery during descend and provide capabilities of connecting with its mother ship.

Since the probe GTO (Gas Trace Orbiter) is in excellent shape and orbiting the Red planet nominally, ExoMars reveals to be the second successful Esa’s mission, few weeks after completion of the historic Rosetta’s mission.


ExoMars at Mars



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