Uncharted Worlds


A visit to discover evidence-based adventure and exploration at the heart of futuristic scenarios building center; to see first-hand the outcomes of combined efforts working for the design, creation and supervision of machines connecting Earth and space. Machines flying through space into the universe brimming with riddles and beauty. A center where future is in the making, bright minds share their genius and experience.

A visit to the Space Center isn‘t like going to a museum as one might think at first, with probes, modules,  satellites and what not related to space exploration  in good display and patiently awaiting to be taken in selfies.  Not at all. First of all there are thousands of  inquisitive like-minded, every-day people interested in and fascinated by space, eager to see how this complex machine, with plenty of complementary fields, fit all together in one big complex system. As it has turned out space is children’s best world and here there is plenty for them to get inspired from; for parents to receive an understanding of the valuable opportunities laying ahead.

In the back of  visitors’ minds the Dutch Golden Age (in Dutch Gouden Eeuw ) of the XVII th century with its arts, trade, science is a vivid picture but as soon as the Space Center’s  gates  vanish before us, a new world opens up.

The area is pretty large, and consists of several  buildings located on a surface which requires time to cover on foot. So, unless one feels like going on a wild hunt with last minute runs, it is a good practice to be en guarde and put to use the info program containing the scheduled activities, and plan ahead according to personal interests and time availability.

The first thing that strikes when entering the Space Center, are lekker flowers of the motherland growing beautifully; another one is the main building’s exterior  architectural design. It comes like a little, pleasant surprise to see lumber on the front façade, if expecting to see mainly shiny futurism round every corner. There is a lot of Italian engineering, design, science and delicious Italian ice cream, too! Engineers  field experts, researchers, stuff members participating to ongoing space programs come from several  European countries; it’s a privilege and a great pleasure to interact with them and their considerate way of making sense of complex concepts.

The speakers hall of fame with Esa astronauts who flew to the International Space Station in Space Shuttles and Soyouz. Amazing to think what happens when boundaries are torn down and realities are built to last.  We get to experience a virtual tour of the International Space Station: its habitat modules, top notch science equipment, from windowless laboratory to the Cupola with the best balcony views available to humans, to the stellar kitchen: astronauts’ foods are known to have reached such refined balance in terms of shelf-life and flavors that are available for earthlings, as well.

Among the presentations at the Space Center,  the Moon village, Mars exploration, environmental concepts were introduced as some of the projects being developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). And then real  life-size replica of the space crafts , at that time, on orbit towards the Red planet, the European Columbus module, the science laboratory  part of the ISS. The thrill and excitement of the successful Rosetta mission, landing a space craft on a comet for the first time in history of space exploration, of which even children knew all about, truly fascinating.

The concept of space exploration takes all new meanings while visiting the Space Center where space crafts, modules, communication satellites, space gear and parts are either designed, created, assembled, tested and in some cases all of the above.  Getting the big picture of the processes, minds, capabilities, actors involved  in space exploration is really a great experience.

Rosetta And Philae: Time Travels
Artwork credit ellarte. ‘Rosetta & Philae Fabulous Mission’ – Thankful for the honor of artwork recognition as contributor to ‘Impressions of Rosetta Legacy!


Rosetta and Philae: Seeds Of Time
Artwork ellarte. ‘Rosetta and Philae: Seeds Of Time’


Post header image ellarte




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