Europe Has Marted

  The European mission to Mars, ExoMars, launched on March 2016 is a success! As expected the main probe GTO (Gas Trace Orbiter) has entered the martian orbit with nominal orbiting parameters. This is the main goal of the mission, and GTO will conduct investigation on the presence and nature of gases of the Martian […]

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The radius of aspirations

Europe  lands  on  Mars   The answers to achieve what was thought improbable in a relatively short span of time, carry the name of ExoMars:  October 16-19, Europe’s first landing on Mars. The mission is a cooperation between Roscosmos,  Russian Space Agency, and Esa, European Space Agency. Esa takes its supporters and explorers on board […]

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Uncharted Worlds

  A visit to discover evidence-based adventure and exploration at the heart of futuristic scenarios building center; to see first-hand the outcomes of combined efforts working for the design, creation and supervision of machines connecting Earth and space. Machines flying through space into the universe brimming with riddles and beauty. A center where future is […]

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