Space Open Day

Space  Exploration  European  Style

Great Italian Design


Annual Open Day to experience the fascination of space as carried out by ESA, European Space Agency.  The European Space Agency on October 2 opens its doors to the public, right at its technical heart of ESA ESTEC, as part of the Netherlands’ national Weekend of Science, as well as World Space Week. The theme of this year’s Open Day is “Breath of Life” , with reference to the current ambitious Esa  ExoMars Mission.

During one of the most exciting times in Europe’s space history, Esa represents a cooperation trait d’union among European member states and a trustworthy partner among the international space agencies. Its space program has received well deserved recognitions worldwide, thanks to its scientific breakthroughs, engineering capabilities, and successful missions.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to pace where hundreds of people are investing their ideas, dreams, knowledge and capabilities to make it all happen, a chance to see the less known aspects of such an engaging environment.


Visitors’ Official Booking Website

Image © Eventbrite

Captivating is the design of the space program: from inception to creation, launch to interaction, until the outcomes as a new starting point towards the next frontier. The inspiration received from things imagined for an improved world and converted into designs that innovation, creativity, and cooperation turns into reality is indeed a sign of success. Chapeau Esa!


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