Samantha Cristoforetti

Goodwill Ambassador


Rome, 21st December 2015

A cozy Christmas atmosphere on occasion of the Winter Solstice night at the Olympic stadium.
Unicef-Italy appoints  Esa astronaut  Cristoforetti Unicef-Italy Goodwill Ambassador.

Samantha Cristoforetti, who fluently communicates in five languages (Italian, English, French, German, Russian, and is studying Chinese) has been nominated among the influential Women of 2015.
First Italian woman astronaut, record of permanence in space for a woman on a single mission, 200 days (199 days, 17 hours, with Futura mission Nov 2014 – June 2015).

In 2015,  shortly after her return from the International Space Station, and before starting her months-long international post-flight tour,  Samantha is awarded  by President Mattarella, Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (the highest ranking honor and most senior order of the Republic of Italy).

Despite her remarkable professional achievements, Samantha Cristoforetti conveys messages that go beyond personal successes and geographical boundaries.

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In the Olympic stadium a large crowd has gathered to support Unicef Italy fundraising event: “The Champions Match”, a friendly football match played among the most relevant personalities of the Italian show business, world renowned Italian sports athlets and football champions. An event beautifully organized down to the smallest detail as part of Unicef-Italy fundraising campaign aimed at helping children living in war zones, children facing difficulties and living in unsafe environments,  around the world.

Cristoforetti joins the teams in the field and is in charge of the first symbolical ball kick: start, and the game begins while the stadium lights up among encouraging applauses.

To symbolize the spirit of national unity and the cultural values that Italy promotes abroad, children, young sports-men and women, traditional folkloristic groups from different regions of Italy delight the public with their colorful historical costumes, and displaying their abilities as artists. The sound of drums, flutes, trumpets convey the universal message of unity that music promotes, which Unicef-Italy welcomes with enthusiasm.

A meaningful evening thanks to which many children around the world receive protection and safety for their future.



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