Chariot Ride and Sightings

    Everything that surrounds us near and far is noticed and perceived in ever different ways, at times not openly revealed as interactions are promoted in various forms. In times when information and innovation travel at different velocity compared to the overage person and environment objective adaptability, it is perhaps understandable that not all things […]

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Streets with no name

North-Eastern lands, Vthcentury:  overall unappealing territories, the crossing arduous, detour perilous, pretty much inadequate even for transitory stopovers, thus ideal for permanent settlements. The birth of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by wildlife sanctuary for permanent and migratory bird colonies, Venice and its lagoon, Italy Unesco World Heritage Centre. To […]

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Nested Rings

  Update 2018 The perception of present priorities change with time,  intrinsic and external factors, reshaped conditions. A gathering relevant to climate mutation and natural resources, stimulates interest to research anthropological and scientific literature, related to the topic. The combined foundations of geology with physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology provides ongoing answers to the prime question […]

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Come See For Yourself

Thinking of exploration, and varieties of fields it comprises, gives the impression of time tangibly running in parallel, if compared to the time span required to reach noteworthy goals. Something that sparks constant interest, for the  limitless possibilities envisioned. Space exploration stands out as paving ways into uncharted worlds, while on earth it opens horizons […]

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Goodwill Hopes Unabridged Encounters

Dec. 2015. A cozy Christmas atmosphere on occasion of the Winter Solstice night at the Olympic stadium in Rome, Italy. The spirit of ancient roman arts lives and thrives in modern designs: Unicef-Italy’s President appoints Esa astronaut Cristoforetti Unicef Goodwill Ambassador. Despite her remarkable achievements, Cristoforetti conveys message that go beyond personal successes, geographical and […]

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Uncharted Worlds

  A visit to discover evidence-based adventure and exploration at the heart of futuristic scenarios building center; to see first-hand the outcomes of combined efforts working for the design, creation and supervision of machines connecting Earth and space. Machines flying through space into the universe brimming with riddles and beauty. A center where future is […]

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Dive In Cosmos

  When with a telescope or naked eye we can see what early astronomers saw hundred years ago and before them ancestors living in caves, when we can see the same vault full of  stars then this is perhaps why the cosmos feels like an old friend, someone to talk to, to look forward to,  to […]

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